Jan 14, 2014

Food there is no expiration date

Let's find out about the food there is no expiration date this time. Be displayed in all food manufacturing, processing and subdivision were imported is the principle expiration date.

So If you take a closer look at the food of almost all living in Mart, display of the expiration date of "till" is I'm being. However, it is "because there is not a problem in quality even if stored for a long period of time, this product does not have written the expiration date," said there is also a food there is no display of the expiration date.

1. Ice cream The ice cream, but we find that there is no risk of deterioration long over time in order to through the sterilization process of manufacturing and processing time, and to keep it in circulation in a frozen state of 18 ℃ or less negative. So, expiration date displayed remain exempt, and displays only the production date from January 2009. However, in the process of selling and distribution process, the storage temperature of ice cream to be kept at 18 ℃ or less negative, that it may be ice cream or corruption, to be altered, that we need is the shelf-life display and expiration date There is also a claim. Image of ice cream

2 sugar, salt Sugar and salt is let in the food that can be used semi-permanently without expiration date. Sugar content is high in sugar, salt, salt concentration is high, because the bacteria do not live, there is no expiration date. Since the order of the high concentration of sugar and salt, moisture in the cells of the bacteria is going to fall out by the action of osmotic pressure, bacteria does not seem to be breeding. So, I can also function as a food preservative. However, there is a shelf life if it is not a pure salt, other additives such as salts which I made sun-dried salt, kelp and Salicornia are mixed. New Pearl Shoji / Guangzhou New Pearl Agriculture, water, and forest products in the state of nature

3 There is no display of the expiration date is forest products marine products agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables we eat well, such as fish, such as herbs. Instead of flows in the processing and packaging, it is possible to grasp the state in the eye, agriculture, water and forestry products in the natural state is that it is not displayed separately shelf life. However, in many cases, but some after measure the weight, expiration date is indicated on the label paper that is output along with the price tag. Until the day expiration date is displayed, as we will see in it that responsible Mart (sales) about the state of the food this. Cereals and certain vegetables - vegetables

4 wine Expiration date depends on the type liquor. Over time, there is a expiration date liquor to be altered, as beer, along with the date of manufacture, shelf-life of good if you eat forever has been displayed in the liquor most. However, if you can not bacteria live high alcohol concentration, are not altered well, liquor is between 20 to 40 degrees is alcohol content whiskey and vodka, does not display the expiration date. On the other hand, taste so deepens enough to aging wine such person alcohol content is low, because it does not rot to protect correctly how to store, if you do not read notification, omit the expiration date display.

1. Image of wine bottle In this way, I looked for the food there is no expiration date. However, there is one specific facts, such as the food there is no expiration date. Will there not only to food always expiration date. It means there is also a thing with the expiration date.

Ballpoint pen There is also a ball-point pen expiration date. It is a thing to be precise, rather than the expiration date, corresponding to the shelf life of a ball-point pen. According to the Korean Standard, 15 months has elapsed from the date of manufacture, the ball or by oxidation, curing of ink, ballpoint pen, is so difficult to handwriting.

Date of manufacture of the bullpen, because it is in the ball-point pen core, if the writing ink was left has not been, let's not believe shelf life whether past. 2 tire The tire of the car, the expiration date is not displayed, the date of manufacture is displayed. However, tires, baked hard nature of the rubber to change or exposure to sunlight, it is contaminated with oil. So, I am determined to be 3-year shelf life of the tire. The next time, let's examine the science and technology to extend the expiration date.