Jan 11, 2014

The Bus Trip

Last week my friend and I planned a trip to the big city. We have been to the city many times before but....never by bus! We had heard from many people that it was very easy and cheap and that we would be fine.

We left our house about 9:30 am and walked to the "bus stop" just down the ride. This was for the local bus van service that runs within our city. This cost us around $1.25 to go to the other side of town. Then we crossed over the main road. I only mention this because it is crazy! We waited on the other side of the road for our bus that would take us to the city.

We waited about 3 minutes with many busses trying to get us to get on So, our bus came the door opened my friend got on first and then...the bus was off!

I grabbed at anything I could find and pulled myself the rest of the way up the stairs and through the isle as we looked for seats together.

As we found our seats I quickly whipped out some excite for my motion sick.

We spent our day together just relaxing and having fun...but then around 3 we realized we should begin our journey home before it got too dark usually around 5:30

We asked a few people and they all recommended that we take the taxi to the bus terminal and catch our bus from there. They said it would be where the majority of the busses would be and so it would be "easy" to get a bus there.

We waited aproximately 2 hours at the bus terminal. And let me tell you. it was not for a lack of buses but rather for a Mass of people. Every bus that would pull up people would come out of No where and crowd in pushing and pulling and prying. No thank you.

A few times we began to enter the mob but it was just too crazy! Finally after almost 2 hours of waiting in the noisy, smoggy, hot and humid bus terminal I said ok the next bus we are getting on it.

We positioned ourselves where we hoped the door would open and stood our ground. The bus pulled up the people crowded in and we stood our ground inching, pushing and pulling with legs and arms wrapped around me. And put my purse in front of me and kept inching forward!

Push push push. Yes I was pushing now too! Finally on the first step of the bus. We made it! Found two open seats and plopped down. I could not stop shaking. I don't think I was so scared as much as it was the adrenaline! Needless to say. we did not make it home before dark! But we did make it home and we were safe! And it was definitely a cultural experience!