Jan 12, 2014

Part time jop convenience store reviews.

20 years old when the story will be a part time job at a convenience store. Family Mart is now gone and worked for 5 months. Now I work part-time CU had its name changed and this place has come the angel in us is also a coffee shop.

I will talk about one kind of convenience store . Discovered that one such as a convenience store in the CU rank is 80,000 , the second place the GS25 74,000, three of the Seven Eleven 72,000 , with 4 of a mini stop . Other companies with joy Mart , OK Mart, power 24 hours , and so on during the World 25 in korea.

And can be divided into retail stores and merchants . Convenience has its headquarters in retail stores directly manages a whole lot of the kinds of goods and return to FM .

Operating rights of the individual to receive the merchant earn a percentage of the money sent to the head office of the way . Merchants who share neunyae therefore meet very diverse.

And important book which makes cigarettes. The right to sell tobacco to the tobacco books said. All is not selling cigarettes at a convenience store. She better be off cigarettes sell more than 50m. If guests smoke anpaneun relatively small convenience store.

Daily, weekly, and is divided into the night. Every store is different, but the morning 9:00 to 14:00 13:00 to 22:00 week of 22:00 to 9:00 at night. The morning of the day and night to boss around Alba is leave.

Divided into weekdays and weekends. Weekdays from Monday to Friday. Weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Notice the first part-time job as a convenience store for minimum wage, which may get right to receive the minimum wage. Is 4,860 won. In fact, even if unable to get the minimum wage and a training period, if it is less powerless but staff have not just used to get a minimum wage crying. Busy, but I'm afraid the high and urgent. Restrictive alternative available to part-time football stadium. In terms of hourly wage of 9,000 won scared enough to break the spirit got no game.

To sell alcohol and cigarettes to minors second not . If you see a difficult confirmation ID is required. I do not have a bad line underage . Sell ​​alcohol and cigarettes is in fact very fine world hangs receive

Alba partners to the benefits of the convenience store to meet the well . The reason my partner was a cool character . Split shifts Ash 30 minutes , but the story is pretty cool and nice and good personality . Believe it or not, five years have gone still How'd Alba stop contact.

The second advantage is that there are many personal time . Only in the middle of a busy rush hour a lot of time left in the middle . Turns keeping a clean lap and convenience , convenience store pick up trash around the time it left. Pick a little , you can report mid- reported learning English .

This disadvantage is not money first. In fact, if the minimum wage is not getting a lot of work. Being held in it all night in one may be in less than 1 million won. If you begin the first steps to the community out of necessity, but one that the minimum wage while being a sad one.

Sucks up the second cigarette name to remember . I am a cigarette smoker , despite the name might be confusing , among other things . In addition, many new products are awful . When I step back and one step back , saying it 's probably not a showcase as guests and will find .

The problem is worse in other guests. There are bad drunken guests. Drinking guests can not eat the bad things. Doing calculations, eat, buy or expand not just a newspaper report, a smoke in a convenience store, a writer and a fitted steamer off once the fire finally trusted truth guests are everywhere. You can not do that in such a case the customer stores the hard to get out.

Go out for those part-time job at a convenience store. Cheer up people who try to work part-time at a convenience store.