Jan 31, 2014

Shattered Glass movie review

Shattered Glass directed by Billy Ray, 2003, is the film about reporter and news room which are eager to write exclusive news. Entering commercialism, reporter is no longer a deliverer of events and accidents. As newspaper companies and magazine companies are competing, they want the public to be interested in them and choose their articles and media. Not only reporter, but also news room needs and likes the reporter who write exclusive news. Therefore, the thing like this film may happen.

Shattered Glass is based on the real story of “Stephen Glass.” Stephen always talks interesting stories at material conference in news room, so he gets popularity from many colleagues. Michael, the editor of Stephen, also likes his story and trusts him. Because Michael whom many people like and trust got fired, Chuck starts for his new post. However Stephen steadily is kind to everyone, so people more trust and like Stephen than Chuck. Stephen continuously writes exclusive news. But, all he writes are lies. There is no true in articles, also company, person, and so on in articles are lies. “Hack Heaven”, Stephen’s final article, prove to be lie by the suspicion of competitive company. Although Chuck also have doubts about Stephen’s articles, he didn’t any prove because he trust Stephen. However, as competitive companies insist suspicion about Stephen’s article, he proved his articles thorough, and noticed that these are fabrications. Stephen got 2-year-penalty, Chuck casually noticed that his article-forgery was not a accident, and he had forged over and over. Then Chuck fired Stephen. Chuck felt betrayal from Stephen whom he felt a little sympathy and trust as a colleague.

After watching film, I searched the real story. The film was very similar to the real story from Stephen forged articles to Chuck fired him. Of course, reporters feel temptation while reporting and writing articles. They want to write more exclusive articles, but they should not be conscienceless like Stephen. Chuck who fired him seems to be little heartless, but he was right, because False articles make the public to be estranged from press, and make the press to be trustless. Also, Stephen got trust from colleagues, but betrayed, so his discharge is right.

The film suggests the way of journalists by showing news room and the reality in news room very actually. Journalists should keep public spirit and honesty in mind. When Journalism exists as the Public Journalism, the value of Journalism glitters the most.